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Leak Survey

Once we have received your call, our engineers will carry out a complete non-destructive leak detection survey to find out where the leak is coming from and what damage, if any, has been caused. A leaking pipe causes not all dampness, and H2FLOW water leak detection services can provide independent surveys to identify other causes such as penetrating damp, rising damp, building structural failure, and condensation.

There are various ways in which our engineers will find the source of leaking water survey of your property – they will access a void or pipe (by using the most minimally intrusive means they can) by inserting a small camera which allows a much more detailed inspection of the space than a human would be able to do.

Or our H2FLOW water leak detection services engineers may use a hand-held sound device to detect unusual water sounds or unnaturally low water pressure levels, which are then analysed by a computer.

Our H2FLOW water leak detection services hi-tech detection surveys, therefore, utilise a wide range of testing procedures and equipment to identify and expose sources of moisture and water in your property’s structure.

Your survey will, therefore, include:

  • An experienced, highly- qualified mechanical engineer.
  • The latest state of the art technological equipment to accurately locate your water leak, which means minimal disruption to your property, whether domestic or commercial.
  • Appropriate testing and inspection process to identify and pinpoint your leak source.
  • A written comprehensive report including photos and recommendations (insurance approved).

Insurance Companies

If you do have a water leak, you’ll have to have repair work done, which can be costly, but luckily usually, this work is covered by your property’s insurance.

All of our work is insurance approved, and after the survey, you will receive a fully comprehensive, written report with photographic evidence, which is required by all insurance companies.

Our comprehensive report will contain external and internal observations (including colour photographs), possible causes of any problems that are found by our engineers, conclusions, and recommendations where applicable.

Once your leak detection survey and report are completed, you can then make arrangements with a plumber to come and fix the problem.

Pipe Moling

Here at H2FLOW, our engineers are fully qualified and highly experienced specialists in pneumatic impact moling, working on all ground conditions and properties from domestic to commercial and cover everything from repairs, reroutes and new installations.

We can mole anything from water mains and gas pipes to cables and ducting. The impact moles are pneumatic, which is powered by compressed air, and the process is environmentally friendly. The moling process also removes the need to use an open-cut trench, saving you time, money, and unnecessary property damage.

Impact moling works by digging two holes, a launch pit and a receiving pit, both about a meter square and a meter deep and can be up to about 15 meters apart, depending on ground conditions. We send the mole from the launch pit, which drives itself through the ground creating a borehole to the receiving end, which we can then use to run the new service.


How do we locate your water leak?


With our multitude of high-tech equipment and highly skilled engineers we can find leaks on any type of water systems and networks from domestic to commercial properties with as minimal disruption to properties as possible below are some of our equipment we use and a bit of information.

Acoustic Ground Microphone

Using our acoustic ground microphones along the run of pipe we have traced out using a cat and genny that puts a 33hz current through the service allowing us to accurately trace the pipe and also gives a depth. We can detect the sound generated by the leak in the pipes, and our machines detect the highest volume of sound in the pipe to pinpoint the leak accurately. This can be used on any type of pipe with minimal disruption to your property.

Thermal Imaging Camera

Our thermal imaging camera equipment can accurately locate hot and cold feeds / leaks within your pipe system underground and beneath concrete.

Endoscope Camera

The endoscope camera can be used to check in tight spaces or inaccessible areas like under floors or behind kitchen units to locate riser pipes, stop cocks and leaks and other anomalies with minimal damage to your property.

Tracer Gas

Our tracer gas is used to help us locate leaks in your property. We insert our tracer gas into your central heating system, and with our specialised gas analyser equipment, we are able to locate the gas escaping through almost any surface like tiled flooring and concrete etc.

The gas is highly effective at finding leaks on your mains water supply pipe. No ground needs to be excavated until the leak has been located. We insert our tracer gas through the stopcock or external meter chamber.  The gas is lighter than air and will rise through most material, including concrete and tarmac, block paving, soil, etc. The gases used are inert, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.

Ferret Leak Locator

Our ferret leak locating equipment can accurately find a leak on any smooth bore pipe. It can pinpoint a leak to within an inch of its location so we can solve the problem first time with minimal disruption. The use of the ferret requires a hole to be excavated to locate the leak and a second hole will be excavated at the located leak to solve the issue.

We will always use other equipment first such as gas tracer kit and ground microphones which is less evasive and will only require one excavation  to solve the issue, but if that fails then the ferret is required as it is accurate and never fails to find your leak.

We cover all of Essex, North and East London, any quotes outside this area will come with a £35 fee that will be deducted from the price of quote if accepted.

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